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Simple sealing – just two are enough 29.10.2004
A growing number of engine builders is turning to liquid sealants – VICTOR REINZ® sealing products greatly simplify workshop repairs

There is an enormous range of liquid sealing compounds: Ever more engine builders are using them; consequently, more and more repair shops will have to use them as well. The German gasket manufacturer VICTOR REINZ has reacted to this trend with a new product range: 'Just seal it!' introduces sealing compounds that have been adapted to meet tomorrow's repair shop demands.

To an increasing extent, manufacturers such as Nissan, Honda or DaimlerChrysler are using liquid sealing compounds, e.g. to seal oil pans and timing case covers. When it comes to a repair, the wide range of available sealing compounds often makes it difficult to select the most suitable one. Frequently, the repair mechanic is faced with eight or even ten different tubes, as well as the relevant supplier's lengthy technical information sheets. However, just two sealing compounds and a limited amount of information are all that is needed to ensure perfect gasket repairs for all vehicle makes. Under the name 'Just seal it!', VICTOR REINZ, the German supplier of sealing products, has introduced a new generation of its liquid sealant range: Together with the associated application tips, REINZOSIL® and REINZOPLAST®, the latter with an unlimited shelf life, greatly simplify every-day work in repair shops.

An application poster for repair shops shows three different possibilities for selecting the right one of the two sealing compounds. Thus every repair shop can choose the method it considers as the most convenient. The procedure could hardly be simpler: Either the mechanic measures the sealing gap by means of the feeler gauge supplied; if the gauge slides into the gap, the permanently elastic silicone sealant REINZOSIL® must be used. If not, the permanently plastic polyurethane sealant REINZOPLAST® is indicated. That's one option. If you prefer to rely on lists and tables, VICTOR REINZ has developed alternative methods for selecting the most suitable liquid sealant easily. Firstly, by means of a list from 'aftercooler' to 'ZF gearbox', in which the most suitable sealing compound is recommended, depending on the application. Secondly, by means of a survey of the technical properties of the sealing compounds: For example, the list gives the temperature resistance and curing times von REINZOSIL®  and REINZOPLAST®.

Finally, the supplier of VICTOR REINZ products provides numerous practical tips for repair shops, explaining where and when sealant removers are recommended, and gives hints on how to determine the condition of sealing surfaces, and which of the sealing compounds should be used.

Because the VICTOR REINZ product range 'Just seal it!' is suitable for repairing all vehicle makes, it's a great way to clear up a repair shop's store! REINZOSIL® and REINZOPLAST® are available in various package sizes. New types are REINZOSIL® in a pressure can, which simplifies even application, and the transparent REINZOSIL-t® for visible sealed joints such as lamp enclosures or on motorcycles. The sealant remover RE-MOVER® makes easy work when stripping old gaskets as well as adhesive, resin or lacquer remnants. Last not least, the 'Just seal it!' range includes the two repair kits XL and XXL with different gasket materials in the A4 and A3 formats respectively, for the individual shaping of gaskets. For bulk purchasers, these materials are also available in large rolls.

Testing REINZOSIL® and REINZOPLAST® for free
Repair shops can now test the two sealants REINZOSIL® and REINZOPLAST® for free. When mentioning the cue “Free Test Package,” the duo can be ordered from stores or directly from the Internet at www.reinz.com/justsealit. Also available from the Internet is information about the Starter Kit. This set also contains transparent REINZOSIL-t® and the sealant remover RE-MOVE®; a feeler gauge will be supplied free of charge. The Starter Kit is available as a limited edition at a low introductory price.

VICTOR REINZ is a company in the DANA Corporation, a world leader in the development, design, and manufacture of top-quality products and systems for automobiles, commercial, and construction vehicles. Backed by a century of innovation, DANA presently has some 45,000 employees worldwide, all of who are committed to the advancement of automotive technology. DANA Corporation was founded 1904 in Toledo, Ohio, and operates technical centers, manufacturing facilities, and customer support organizations in 30 countries. Turnover was 7.9 billion dollars in 2003.

VICTOR REINZ – The easiest way to get a good seal.

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