Compensation Plates for Prismatic Battery Cells

Battery cells pulsate when charging and discharging. This swelling effect makes the cell more convex, impairing optimal battery capacity utilization.

The individual cells are clamped to prevent this. Layers of felt and stampings inserted between the modules ensure compensation and isolation. The fibrous or compounded materials which used to be used lose their elasticity over time, resulting cell pulsation which is no longer balanced.

In its “Swelling Control” project, Dana Neu-Ulm has now succeeded in developing compensation plates with adapted compression, which dramatically enhances battery capacity.

The gasket design is based on spring sheets with an integral beaded geometry that ensures an optimal elastic contact pressure over the battery’s entire service life. The prototypes prevent the cell walls from expanding uncontrolled.

Cyclical endurance tests demonstrate that the compensation plates with integral beads markedly slow down the aging process of prismatic cells. This significantly increases the efficiency of high-voltage batteries.