Folding Gaskets for Battery Housings

Battery housing gaskets for high-voltage batteries of lightweight cars and utility vehicles with electric drives can barely be transported when installed on account of their dimensions, which measure up to 1,400 x 2,500 mm (W x L). That’s why the new VICTOR REINZ folding gasket for large battery housings is designed to be logistics-friendly and easy to install.

The gasket folds down to the right size for Euro pallets for transport: max. 1,100 mm x 700 mm. For installation, the gasket then only has to be placed onto the battery housing and unfolded with the help of a simple logistics and installation aid. There is no risk of assembling the gasket the wrong way.

The battery housing gasket is a flat gasket made of a metal core with elastomer sealing on both sides. The integral elastomer folding elements interrupt the metal core so that the gasket can be folded. The seal and the folding elements form a continuous circumferential gasket profile around the entire rim of the battery housing.

Injected via edge molding, the polymer has self-extinguishing properties. This way, the folding gasket fulfils the important UL94 regulation, which stipulates that the polymer must extinguish itself within seconds. Each screw hole can also be sealed, so as to enhance corrosion protection.

Delivery in a single piece eliminates the need to put the individual gasket components together, a time-consuming and error-prone process. The flexible elastomer folding elements are much sturdier, hold up under tensile, bending and shear forces, and thus easily even out tolerances in the millimeter range. After that, the folding elements remain solidly in position. The continuous seal contour is completely seamless, preventing any potential leakage points in case of compression and/or expansion.

The folding gasket is easy to remove and replace for repairs without damaging the battery housing.If the battery housing gasket is already preinstalled by the supplier of the battery housing cover, Dana Neu-Ulm can equip the gasket with additional plug-in studs for the cover upon request.