Metallic Bipolar Plates

Fuel cell technology has the potential to change mobility in the long term. But this type of drive has not gained widespread acceptance so far, largely due to the high cost of fuel cell stacks. Dana’s metallic bipolar plate BluePacTM will change this and make advancements in the commercialization of the fuel cell.

The metallic bipolar plate BluePac is the central element of hydrogen-based mobility. The fuel cell stack is the power plant of the fuel cell drive and is made up of a stack of bipolar plates and diaphragms connected in series. Dana’s metallic bipolar plate BluePac reduces production costs, thus yielding a major competitive advantage on the way to emission-free hydrogen mobility.

The technological know-how in the manufacturing of beaded steel gaskets forms the basis for the fully integrated metallic bipolar plate BluePac – from perfected steel shaping to bead and coating technology.

The durable metallic bipolar plate BluePac meets the extreme requirements on the sealing and coating, as well as on the absolute precision of the embossing structures. The fully integrated beaded gasket developed in Neu-Ulm is embossed into the plate during the production process. The result is outstanding sealing performance that also keeps production costs down.

What’s more, the high-speed shaping method enables efficient large-scale serial production while yielding a higher performance density.

“We are able to supply market-ready metallic bipolar plates which overcome the complexity, performance and cost barriers of traditional methods. This is a big step forward for the development of the fuel cell market.”

Antonio Valencia
President Dana Power Technologies and Global Electrification