Multi-Layer Cylinder-Head Gasket

Dana uses state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing processes to produce multi-layer cylinder-head gaskets for light- and commercial-vehicle engines. Innovative product design and high quality materials allows us to provide Victor Reinz® cylinder-head gaskets to meet specific engine requirements. Our global team of experienced engineers works with all engine types and configurations to offer the best sealing solution for specific applications.

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Technology and Fluid Metal Beads

Product: Technology and Fluid Metal Beads

Dana's proprietary Wave-Stopper® sealing technology exhibits both plastic and elastic characteristics, making it ideal for sealing applications such as cylinder-head gaskets.

Elastomer Coatings

Product: Elastomer Coatings

Used for micro sealing, Victor Reinz® elastomer coatings use only high-quality fluoropolymers.

Multi-Layer Steel Cylinder-Head Gaskets

Product: Multi-Layer Steel Cylinder-Head Gaskets

Dana designs and manufactures multi-layer steel (MLS) cylinder-head gaskets consisting of two to five layers of stainless and/or carbon steel.


Cylinder Head Gaskets