Victor Reinz® Valve Stem Seals

Dana’s flexibility creates sealing solutions for every application. Our Victor Reinz® valve stem seals protect from the fouling of exhaust after-treatment devices caused by an increase in hydrocarbon and particulate emissions over time. Each of our valve stem seal designs is evaluated on an oil-metering rate bench test to ensure an optimum oil-metering rate for the best valve train durability, oil consumption, and emissions balance.

Our proprietary fluoroelastomer compounds are mixed in-house and fully tested, allowing ultimate control over quality and performance. Each valve stem seal is taken through a state-of-the-art molding and assembly process. Every application uses custom designs and processes that best meet cost, performance, and timing goals. And, prototype and production parts are made in the same facility to ensure a smooth launch to high-volume production.

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Ring and Band Valve Seals

Product: Ring and Band Valve Seals

For automotive restorers and enthusiasts, our ring and band valve seals still provide the proper amount of lubrication between the valve stem and guide.

Integral Top Valve Seals

Product: Integral Top Valve Seals

A popular choice among automotive OEMs, our integral top valve seals are manufactured using one-of-a-kind processes and techniques that allow us to produce a dependable, yet affordable product.

Bonded Valve Seals

Product: Bonded Valve Seals

Allowing one seal to fit multiple engines, models, and families, our bonded valve seals provide OEMs with the versatility they need plus design simplicity.

Integral Valve Seals

Product: Integral Valve Seals

Integral seals are ideal for both aluminum cylinder heads and high manifold pressures.


Valve Stem Seals