Victor Reinz® Sound Absorbing Heat Shield


Because controlling noise from the exhaust system and its components is a major concern with heat shielding, Dana is constantly researching how materials can be paired together or developed in different ways to accomplish this goal.

We offer two sound control heat shields – four/five-layer noise barrier shields and micro-perforated sound absorbing shields. Dana’s patented four- or five-layer NVH shields are available in aluminum, Alclad™ or stainless steel, and constructed with two insulating layers featuring an exclusive dimpled acoustic core to provide a sound barrier for engine noises. These barrier shields offer good broadband noise reduction for many different shielding applications.

Micro-perforated sound absorbing shields are also available, which can be tuned to absorb a specific range of frequencies. The micro-perforated layer, in conjunction with a special absorbing mat, are Dana tuned to meet your noise reduction needs.


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