Victor Reinz® Exhaust Gaskets


To ensure optimal performance of thermal-management systems, Dana’s team of engineers developed advanced exhaust gasket sealing solutions to keep emissions and temperatures under control. We continuously test exhaust products to make sure they stand strong against today’s high-performing engines and guard against stress, high temperatures and pressures such as Xtreme® Plus and ThermoGlide®, uneven loading, flange distortion, and motion.

Our exhaust gasket sealing components are constructed with:

  • Flexible materials like graphite or reinforced mica-on-core for high-temperature operation.
  • Flexible materials can be metal encapsulated (Victofold™) to prevent extrusion and resist oxidation up to 800ºC - 850ºC (1,472ºF - 1,562ºF).
  • Varying grades of embossed metal alloys for multi-layer steel (MLS) designs to suit different application temperatures.
  • Graphite filled rings wrap around a graphite-composite core, while retaining clips and internal tags allow gasket subassembly.
  • High-temperature, high-performance coatings.


Exhaust Gaskets