Elastomer Coatings


Used for micro sealing, Victor Reinz® elastomer coatings use only high-quality fluoropolymers. Through controlled sealing pressure, these coatings fill and adapt to engine block and cylinder-head surface roughnesses, scratches, and porosities. Available coatings include full surface and partial coating.

Full Surface Coating
During the full surface coating process, the active spring steel layers of a multi-layer steel (MLS) cylinder-head gasket are coated on both sides with elastomer layers of varying thicknesses, with thin coatings for micro sealing between the individual layers. Non-stick surfaces on both the head and the block sides ensure easy disassembly by preventing the cylinder-head gasket from adhering to the components during assembly.

  • Ensures reliable sealing, even with problematic surfaces
  • Excess material is able to flow out of the high-pressure area, forming beads that provide additional sealing
  • Withstands temperatures up to 240°C (464°F)
  • Excellent chemical resistance toward aggressive media such as combustion gases and coolant additives

Partial Coating
Partial coatings are only applied in the areas around the combustion chambers, liquid channel openings, and beads. The Victor Reinz process permits the application of several coatings with different physical properties and in different layer thicknesses. This enables design engineers to react more effectively to structural specifications, as well as specific component and material properties. Especially with surface porosity, the layer thickness can be adapted to the respective areas.

  • Improved thermal conductivities between engine block, gasket, and cylinder heads
  • Faster equalization of component temperatures prevents component distortions
  • Up to 70 percent less coating material is used


Cylinder Head Gaskets