Thermal-Acoustical Protective Shielding (TAPS)

TAPS is a highly functional engine shielding component composed of various layers, each with a specific job to perform. These shields protect from extreme temperatures, suppress noise, and lower overall mass with the use of thinner materials, leading to improved fuel economy.

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Sound Absorbing Heat Shield

Product: Sound Absorbing Heat Shield

Because controlling noise from the exhaust system and its components is a major concern with heat shielding, Dana is constantly researching how materials can be paired together.

Direct Insulation Heat Shields

Product: Direct Insulation Heat Shields

Dana continuously develops shielding systems that meet the increasing demands of automotive OEMs.  A team of in-house craftsmen can produce top-of-the-line products to cover any part with our proven expertise.

Aluminum Heat Shields

Product: Aluminum Heat Shields

Dana’s highly durable shielding systems offer premium thermal and acoustic protection for any installation location.

Insulated and Damped Heat Shields

Product: Insulated and Damped Heat Shields

At Dana, we always provide individualized attention to meet your needs and develop shielding systems with technologically advanced materials. 

Heat Shields with Integrated Gaskets

Product: Heat Shields with Integrated Gaskets

Dana is uniquely able to integrate shielding and sealing in one component.


T.A.P.S. Spec Sheet
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