Pressed in Place Gaskets


Molded pressed-in-place gaskets are completely compacted in a metal-to-metal joint groove in die-cast front covers, oil pans, and other housings with an as-cast groove. Retention features of the material provide a void/volume, self-retaining design for superior sealing pressure.

Isolated profile gaskets are designed to provide noise isolation with elastomer components that vary in hardness. This type of molded gasket is designed to enhance retention and reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). Easy installation is also possible with as-cast or as-molded grooves with no additional machining needed. Cured-in-place gaskets use a robotically applied sealing bead to ensure consistent placements. Elastomeric sealing technology is applied in this molded gasket without the cost of injection molding for low volume applications.

Cured-in-place gaskets are typically used in covers, water pumps, and parts that require a solid joint between the gasket or parts with low wall depth.