Victor Reinz® Secondary Gaskets

Dana can manage all of your sealing needs. Leading engine developers appreciate the reliability and performance of our products, including cylinder- head and cylinder-head cover gaskets, front cover gaskets, intake and exhaust gaskets, and oil pan gaskets. Depending on the application, we can customize a material and design to your specific requirements, including multi-layer steel, soft materials, rubber, and high-temperature gaskets. Additionally, you can choose from various processes, such as injection molding, transfer molding, stamping, and coating.

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Molded Gaskets

Product: Molded Gaskets

Our molded gaskets include many different rubber gasket designs to seal joints in engines and transmissions.

Electronic Window Technology

Product: Electronic Window Technology

At Dana, we design our components to offer the most technologically advanced product solutions to fit your needs.

Exhaust Gaskets

Product: Exhaust Gaskets

To ensure optimal performance, Dana’s team of engineers developed advanced exhaust gasket sealing solutions to keep emissions and temperatures under control.

Stamped Gaskets

Product: Stamped Gaskets

Stamped gaskets are available in three different styles with varying features and benefits.


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