MLS Cylinder Head Gaskets


Dana designs and manufactures multi-layer steel (MLS) cylinder-head gaskets consisting of two to five layers of stainless and/or carbon steel. They are designed with appropriate sealing elements to provide optimal design performance based on the application.

Superior macro and micro sealing allows for reliable gasket performance. With macro sealing, differently shaped beads and stoppers, plus the elastic properties of the spring steel, ensure the necessary line pressure around the combustion chamber and in the backland. The micro sealing function of these MLS gaskets is provided by partial- or full-surface elastomer coatings that fill out surface roughnesses.

Further optimization of surface pressure distribution around the combustion chamber or in selected backland regions of the cylinder-head gasket is achieved by height-profiled sealing elements, plus suitably located and adapted supports (stopper elements). In addition, backland stoppers counteract flexing of the cylinder head by sealing distortions with liners and providing support for the outer cylinders.